Frequently asked questions

ESFOLIA is not suitable for babies due to their delicate skin. However, it is great for older children to use gently and safely to remove paint and crafting materials from their hands.

ESFOLIA is suitable for Keratosis Pilaris and back acne, but not for sensitive skin conditions like Eczema, and should not be used on sunburnt skin or cuts/abrasions.

Consult your doctor if you have sensitive skin.

ESFOLIA is made of 100% nylon and is crafted using the finest quality raw materials. Our dedication to research and development ensures that ESFOLIA is a worthwhile investment for your skincare routine.

ESFOLIA is extra-long, ensuring that hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleansed. Everyone, including those with mobility issues, obesity, and heavily pregnant women, can enjoy a refreshing shower experience and clean, healthy skin.

ESFOLIA promotes healthy skin growth and reduces imperfections, making it suitable for both men and women, including gym-goers, pregnant women,tradespeople, and others. Use it after a workout or when preparing for a tan to improve your skin’s condition.

Esfolia: Your Path to Glowing, Beautiful Skin